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Block Physics and Stability - Our Physics System simulates real-time structural integrity, durability and mass. Blocks don’t float in the air nor can you build an unsound unsupported structure. Build it right or watch it come crumbling down. Weak blocks can even fall from the weight of the player or zombies.

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Looting, Mining and Crafting - Loot and mine a multitude of items and ingredients to create hundreds of items including melee weapons, guns, traps, generators, motorized tools, motion detectors, landmines, auto-turrets, salves, potions and more using our 5×5 grid Crafting System.

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Points of Interest - Discover hundreds of great Points of Interests ranging from caves, campsites to cities and Each and every building can be explored inside and out.

7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based, sandbox game that is a unique mash up of First Person Shooter, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games combining combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth.

You play a survivor trapped in the savage zombie infested world of Navezgane County Arizona one of the last true Eden’s on Earth. Ironically Navezgane means “Killer of Monsters” to the Apache who have inhabited the land for centuries, and that’s pretty much what you’ll do as you fight to survive and search for the truth behind what really happened.

The World - Explore a beautiful, hand crafted, voxel world with a multitude of biomes including: wastelands, forests, snowy mountains, pine forests, plains, deserts, burn forests and radiation zones.

В 7589 году ядерные атаки опустошили Землю да оставшееся народонаселение было заражено неизвестным вирусом. Зараженные умирают на школа 7 дней да незадолго оживают, становясь кровожадными зомби. Никто безграмотный верил во сие, миздрюшка безвыгодный ожидал сего равно ни один человек безграмотный может остановить сие! Ты выживший на Navizgane County Arizona, во редком Эдеме посередине таблица разрухи. По иронии, вокабула “Navezgane” на языке Апачей означает Убийца Монстров.

In the near future where the a third world war leaves the Earth in ruins but the worst was yet to come. Nobody knows for sure if it was the radiation, the biochemical weapons or an act of god but an unknown virus soon transforms the surviving humans into an army of the animated dead, acting as a single-minded being.

Dynamic Story Generation - The story unfolds through our “Dynamic Story Generation System” which guides the player to other survivors, better loot and undiscovered Points of Interests through story note quests.

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